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Introducing image 12+13 from Pimp Fashion, this is Jack Merridew. As the title implies, JM is the eponymous lead character from Lord of the Flies and this reinterpretation mirrors Jack's devolution into ritualistic savagery as leader of the hunting tribe on the island.

But it's main composition was inspired from boasting social media profiles which JM parodizes in the anti social and superficial with regal sublimation.

On a religious level, Image 12+13 becomes a symbolic ward against greed. In fact, all images in the book are placed in specific pattern to enhance aestethic symmetry and to formulate positive emotional engagement in the reader. Truly technically sophisticated independent modern art, is only accepted once devoid of all subject matter that could resemble social progress or deviation from the status quo. In combination with the crypto currency, this is a potent critique against the old world.

On a personal scope, this exposé was a demonstration directed towards the Ancient Regime of inclusive fitness, it is a non verbal power display in context of physical prowess and cultural superiority.

Needless to say, the level of work that has gone into this piece which is categorized as an Arcade montage, rendered it of too high quality to be posted as a mere social media response to the very Jet set elite that it was intended to critique.

The Luxury watch, the three engines, champagne bottle and antique vase were methods of enhancing ones owm image in the competitive social media landscape by inference of ownership. So these were caricatured in Jack Merridew while also formulating a non verbal caution to boasters that there are consequences of provoking a public forum by displays of extreme wealth.

As such, this art is hyper relevant to the demographics for which it is intended, because of the ambiguity of whether the implied activity in the scene can transplant into a real face to face encounter by the creator in his cave man form.

In this scenario, the outcome creates uncertainty, with a centrality of ritualistic sacrifice in the warthog - which then formalizes Pimp Fashion under a new category of invasion art.

The price is 2 Million $M-II/$200 limited to 4000 double Giclées or as part of the complete book, then priced at $5000.
Size B5 up to 200x300cm (Arcade).

#5 Bruce Banner is part of the Berlin portfolio, it contains themes of world war 2 and the broken violin is a representation of the mind in discord.

The Greek alphabet in the shape of devils horns is a continuation on religious themes that are present throughout the book Pimp Fashion. It is also a critique against bad parenting, here represented by the artists actual father before he was subjugated by French medival doctors and usurped from inheritance by siblings which was partially self caused.

In the moment of 2016 this critical expression against family was immaturely developed but has since been integrated to encompass an entire continent and several nations, specifically the nation of France.

The project received criticism from some establishment factions as celebratory of neo nationalism because of another image that was misrepresented and not included in the final work, although it may be so at a later date.

The response concerning these allegations is that all nations outside Germany, Scandinavia, and isolated pockets in America, are behaviorally deficient in higher level pro human capability and are basically operating on medieval doctrine.

The book is also pro patriarchal and anti feminist, anti dogmatism, anti establishment particularly the military industrial complex, anti corruption and anti secrecy. It is pro transparency, pro fertility, pro sovereignity of the global citizenry expressed in the form of devolution into ritualized man-hunting. But, it is also anti anarchy.

The Metal pipes are again a subtle dominance statement directed against the intended receivers of this book which at the time of creation was the fashion industry and ancient regime. Likewise as with the familial conflict that grew out of 2015, so too were these two ideological institutions dismissed in their entirety and it would not be possible to formalize direct communication with them or lower the standards of the complete work to be dispatched to them aswell, operating from the mantra "pearls before swine". As a result, the topic is nolonger charged and thus open to be presented in the public discourse on a cultural level, kind of, frozen in time, or per chance - timeless.

The name Bruce Banner is of course symbolic of Marvels Hulk and the double sided nature of civility and how fragile human nature is when continually exposed to averse life conditions. It also ties in with the subtle dominance statement directed towards the fashion industry and treasonous ancient regime who both assisted in the usurpation of a dynastic thousand year old aristocratic house.

Lastly, there are some recent developments that are well suited to be broadcast in this introduction of image #5, and that is the descent of the west into neo feudalism and a request to withdraw all Swedish diplomatic envoys with France which is considered uncivilized and deceptive with a fake facade of mesmerizing beauty projected by the fashion industry, but foundationally operating on medieval doctrine and international law breakers specifically in the medical government sector.

All funds derived from this art were originally intended to fund a mobilization against rogue factions in France [Caesarian option], but as a final insult from the artist and display of cultural superiority and celebration of the rituals of fertility, profit will instead be spent on strippers in Prague and acquiring a private island and rebuilding the world in seclusion from antagonizers [Tiberian option].

The project is guided on a a stylistic level by Snow - Informer.

Bryan is enhancing The Boolean and there are only a few images left until the entire portfolio is of perfect museum quality. Most of the image portfolio is now ready to deliver in format B5 up to 200x300cm and the price starting at $100 per image.

The crypto is deriving its value from this proprietary art portfolio because the coins can be redeemed for giclees or the entire book.

The category of this image, which will come in a colorized version aswell, is arcade type intended for panoramic display in mountain villas in Los Angeles and Galleries and corporate environment.

The fact of the matter is that it was such a long time ago since I made this montage that I forgot the reasonsing behind it. I believe it was driven by a primary artistic expression with only small criqitue against the ancient regime in the venetian masks. There are some elements of censorship and it may actually be the case at this period in 2016, that I was already involved with Ethereum and that some of the schematics in the image are influenced by it.

There are some phallic innuendos, but this is Pimp Fashion after all.

Pan/Cernunnos cover page

The Princess of Palmyra

Jörmungadr #1


The Secret Wish

Pan/Cernunnos black option